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London, UK

Game development

A squirrel must have buried it, (2023) Web-based puzzle game created in C# using Unity. Exhibited in WASD x IGN Curios Indie Game Showcase. Early access version released in April on Console, PC and Touchscreen versions in development. See Github for code architecture.

Untitled 3D stacking game (2021-2022)
Follow link for showreel demonstrating mechanics built from the ground up in Unity 3D using C#.

Machines Have Lucid Dreams, (2020-2022) Long-form narrative game created in C++ using Adventure Game Studio over 2 years, in collaboration with Blythe Cheung. I programmed, designed, wrote, created sound design + music, and tested/updated the game– tracking the production from beginning to end. Released in 2022 on

Talks & installations

WASD x IGN Curios Indie Game Showcase, Truman Brewery (2023)
‘A squirrel must have buried it’ was selected to exhibit as part of the Curios Indie Game Showcase in this high-profile, central London gaming convention. See publication.

Game devs panel talk, Staffordshire St Gallery (2023) A discussion about video games in art practice, non-linear narratives and the role of fiction. Hosted by curator Yifan He on Saturday 25th March, 8-9pm in Staffordshire St Gallery (Peckham, London). Featuring devs Axe Binondo, Chia Amisola and Kash & Germ (myself and Blythe Cheung).

Swords & Kisses exhibition, Staffordshire St Gallery (2023)
‘A squirrel must have buried it’ was installed in a group exhibition at Staffordshire St Gallery (Peckham, London) curated by Yifan He, which ran from 23-26th March. 'Squirrel' was initially made as a social, inclusive and wholesome game for groups to discover - operating on an Xbox controller that can be passed between hands.

MA Degree show, Slade School of Fine Art (2023)
‘A squirrel must have buried it’ was installed in the degree show shop for visitors to play, alongside limited edition merchandise (enamel pins, prints and USBs for the game).


MA Media, Slade School of Fine Art (2019-2023)
Distinction TBC. MA thesis titled ‘A Temporary Oasis: Environmental Storytelling in Video Games’.

BA Film Production, Arts University Bournemouth (2013-2016)
First Class Honours

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design,Wiltshire College (2018-2019)

A-Levels in Mathematics, Music Technology, Film Studies and English Literature, St Laurence School (2012)

Work experience

QA Tester, Royal Academy of Art (Aug 2021-present) QA testing of website, design feedback, working remotely over Slack + excel, copywriting text, processing thousands of images using Photoshop.

Guest Lecturer, Bath University (Sep 2020)Delivered lecture (I hour 30mins) on ‘experimental narratives’. Provided group tutorials and feedback sessions to cohort of 100+.

SFX + Music

South Scrimshaw [Video game] (2021)
Paper Thin Love, Ernest Yang [Short film] (2018)
Vessel, Jon Salariya [Short film] (2017)
Silver Studded Blue, Bournemouth Film School [Graduation film] (2016)

Film (Director)

Slip Away Quietly, 48hour Sci-Fi Challenge [Short film] (2018)
Languages United [Commercial] (2018)
Holy Smoke, Kodak student commercial nominee [1min video] (2015)

References are available on request.